Ready to Make Time for Yourself?

Being a mom can feel so overwhelming and emotionally exhausting, that it can be difficult to find the time and energy to figure out how take care of yourself. The 50 Self-Care Ideas for Overwhelmed Moms guides you through coping techniques to help you feel immediate relief when you're feeling overwhelmed. Not all

self-care is the same, so this list has a variety of simple ideas to help you mentally and physically recharge. With just a few minutes a day, taking care of yourself the right way can make a big difference. Start feeling better today!

50 Self-Care Ideas for Overwhelmed Moms Title with Mom's Hair Backlit by the Sun

"This is wonderful! As a busy stay at home mom, with no time to myself, I really liked having self-care ideas that take just a few minutes to do. Some of them I could even do with kids around, too.

This was so helpful. Thank you!"

— Lynn W.

Welcome, I’m Stacie.

I'm starting a motherhood revolution by helping moms take simple steps to feel less overwhelmed and make more time for themselves.

I loved being a stay at home mom, but I always felt like I was searching for something more. I didn’t take care of myself and ended up burned out. 


All of the pressures, the sacrifices, and the lack of time to myself caught up with me. I began to spiral down. I felt stuck and unmotivated. I felt like all I did was give to others with little appreciation in return. I felt overwhelmed, irritable, and resentful. Maybe you’ve felt the same way?


Tired of feeling lost and exhausted, I dedicated myself to studying why moms are so overwhelmed and burned out. When I figured out small steps that worked for me, I decided to share that knowledge with other moms so they can create a happier life for themselves, for their children, and future generations of moms.